Why Is Alkaline Ionized Water So Hydrating?

Why Is Alkaline Ionized Water So Hydrating?

Although water is one of the most important resources available on earth, most of us tend to take it for granted as we go about another busy day. Moreover, because all forms of this liquid tend to look the same, we can fall into the trap of thinking that the average mains supply provides the same benefits as that which has been treated in a water ionizer. It’s an understandable misconception even amongst health-conscious people, but if you could see the two substances up close, it would be easy to spot the difference.

Under a microscope, water molecules appear as clusters, rather than single molecules. The average liquid that comes out of your tap at home is under a great deal of pressure, so it forms itself into extremely big clusters which contain between 12 and 14 molecules, but you can change all that with a water ionizer. Inside one of these incredible units, the water electrolysis process breaks down the bonded molecules and reorganizes them, resulting in around four or five molecules to each cluster.

Therefore, when it is filtered through a water ionizer, we call it micro-clustered water. With smaller clusters than average, this liquid is able to deliver better hydration levels. It is soluble once inside our bodies and able to fully penetrate our tissues and cells. This means nutrients can be delivered to the areas where they are most needed quickly and our system can continue to function properly. Furthermore, when we use a water ionizer to keep properly hydrated, our body is able to flush away any foreign substances and toxins that may have collected before they can do any damage.

Why do we need to remain hydrated?
Any medical health professional will tell you that once you feel thirsty, your body is already becoming dehydrated. We are made up of 65% fluid after all and aside from oxygen it is the most essential element to our survival. Without enough fluid, we quickly feel drowsy and lack the energy to complete even the least demanding of tasks. Most of us are lucky enough to have more than enough to drink, but by selecting the wrong type of fluids you could be risking your health. Power drinks, alcohol, soft drinks and coffee can all work against your system, as they minimize absorption whilst also encouraging the production of urine.

The reason we often reach for a coffee or a soda when we feel thirsty is because they taste so good. In comparison, tap water can often take on a bitter, chemical or antiseptic tang that doesn’t feel pleasant in the mouth. The only way around this issue is to install a water ionizer in your home, as this removes chemicals and takes away that strange taste of chlorine that we find so offensive. Alkaline ionized water delivers an unmistakably fresh sensation with every gulp, and better still, it won’t leave you bloated as it is made up of micro-clusters.