What are the Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

What are the Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation is a gynaecological technique which is also called vaginoplasty. This gynaecological procedure is deemed to help women rejuvenate their stretched or loose vagina, its surrounding tissues and muscles that can cause after multiple normal child deliveries.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Before comprehending this surgical process any further, it is best to be familiar with the procedures involved in a vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation includes two approaches. The traditional approach is to remove the extra vaginal tissue with the help of a scalpel. And the other approach is to treat it with the help of a laser. Both vaginal rejuvenation procedures are focused to reduce the vaginal lining and rebuild the canal for making it tight. These procedures are safe for practice, they are quite effective and quick. And, doctors also offer a range of surgical methods for the patients to choose from.

Cosmetic Benefits

After childbirth, a woman’s body is never the same which includes the vaginal region too.  Of course, vaginal rejuvenation procedure is meant for tightening the inner walls of the vagina, there will be many cosmetic benefits that can be witnessed in the overall look of the treated area. While the vaginal rejuvenation is still in progress, the procedure includes the eradication of some of the vaginal linings and tissues. The loss of extra skin and tissue helps in improving the vaginal region immensely and it can be combined with other similar vaginal reconstruction procedures also for maximum cosmetic benefits.

Psychological and Physical Effects

Vaginal rejuvenation is meant to enhance the sexual gratification of a woman as well as her partner’s. Some women have lost the experience of this heavenly sensation during and after the childbearing. By opting for vaginal rejuvenation, they can gain that experience by having better orgasms and sexual pleasure all over again, just like their pre-pregnancy state.

These surgical procedures are also designed to enhance the confidence by achieving a better quality of life. A person’s self-esteem can greatly increase if they enhance their appearance. Adding more to the enhancement of one’s femininity can also aid them by psychological means in going back to the real world with more confidence in themselves, no matter in social interactions or professional wise.

Medical Conditions

Some people opt for vaginal rejuvenation so as to relieve or improve the bladder problems. Similar vaginal surgeries can also be performed on women who are suffering from urinary incontinence, where she cannot have control over her involuntary leakage of urine. Women with pelvic prolapse also go for vaginal rejuvenation surgeries where the walls of the vagina or uterus are abnormally low in position.

The vaginal rejuvenation surgeries usually take up to one to two hours, this is also dependent upon the physical condition and the kinds of treatment the patient would require. It can also be an outpatient procedure with the minimum recovery period. These surgical procedures are simpler and safer than other cosmetic surgeries. But, it is always wise to consult the best medical surgeon in the business that would deliver you exactly what you need.

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