Sunday 25 August 2019
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Six Ways to Avoid Having a Sedentary Work Style

Six Ways to Avoid Having a Sedentary Work Style

You probably already know that sitting for a long time is not good for your health. It can also affect your energy and concentration levels at work. Studies show that having a sedentary time at work is associated with an increased risk of serious disorders like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. This makes it essential to take safety and work-related training but also on emphasizing how workers can maintain a better lifestyle while doing their tasks at hand.

Below are some effective suggestions on how to avoid being sedentary at work:

Use a Standing Desk

Desks can have an adjustable height so that a worker can choose to sit at one time and switch to standing at another. Fortunately, there are low-cost standing desks available in the market. Studies show that employees who use sit-stand desks tend to stand for an extra hour per day at work and walk extra minutes per day at work, allowing them to burn additional calories.

It is easy to implement small changes in your work style and this can provide positive results. According to studies, office ergonomics can increase productivity by up to 18% after an ergonomic intervention where workers are given well-designed furniture.

Take Quality Breaks

Quality breaks mean not sleeping at your desk. Real breaks are those done somewhere else. Keep in mind that repetitive strains can take place if you tie yourself to your desk without regular breaks. Take a break while you reinforce good posture. Aside from stretching, you have to stand up and move around during your breaks. Also, you can take your breaks effectively to improve your focus and relaxation by taking it during the morning hours and enjoying several short breaks. The idea is to use your breaks for activities you enjoy. This can result in higher morale, energy, and satisfaction.

Stand while Talking

When you answer the phone or talk to your colleague, make it a habit to stand. Take this as an opportunity to escape your seat. Activities which do not require the use of a computer such as brainstorming sessions or group meeting let you conduct on your feet.

Change your Posture

Maintaining one posture for over thirty minutes is not healthy. Evaluate your Workspace to determine its ergonomic fitness then adjust your chair, display mount, and keyboard tray if necessary. Changing the position of your keyboard and display on a regular basis accommodates reflexive changes in your posture.

Beat the Sleepiness by Standing

Maintaining the same position for a long time can make you feel sleepy or experience stiffened muscles. If you are starting to feel sleepy, it is time to stand up. Do some office stretches or complete some tasks which require movements such as getting your mail or filling up your water glass after you have worked for a couple of hours.

Share the Vision with your Colleagues

You can make significant changes in your work style when you do it with a workmate. Thus, begin a standing coalition with your colleagues. Make a pact to encourage all of the employees to participate.

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