Quick Things worth Knowing About Fraxel Laser Treatment

Quick Things worth Knowing About Fraxel Laser Treatment

For the uninitiated, Fraxel laser treatment is an FDA-approved procedure that’s used for treating the skin. It is known to be effective for a bunch of skin problems and is used for both medical and cosmetic requirements. Fraxel can be used for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, pores, skin tone issues, and fine lines around the eyes. It is also used for treating scars caused by acne and skin damage caused by sun exposure. As a skin rejuvenation treatment, Fraxel is extremely useful and is one of the most preferred treatments on the block. It is important that you use the best moisturizer after fraxel, so as to ensure hydration for the skin. Here are some of the aspects in detail.

Understanding Fraxel laser treatment

Right after Fraxel laser treatment, your skin needs to heal. As with any treatment involving laser, Fraxel also warms up the skin, which has consequent side effects, which are not very dangerous but need to be taken care of. Using ice packs is recommended to sooth the skin at various times throughout the day. It is also important to prevent swelling on the face, for which hydration is important. Doctors also recommend against using caffeine and alcohol. You need to apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer, and there are a wide number of choices available.

After the treatment

Fraxel almost feels like a sunburn gone extreme, so your skin will feel extremely sensitive, and there can be a burning sensation that will subside in a few hours. Your skin treatment expert will recommend a few things that may help in soothing the skin. In the following couple of weeks, the healing process will start, and you may see flaky skin, which is a result of Fraxel but isn’t something you need to worry about. Doctors usually recommend using a moisturizer that’s high on hydration and will also ask the patient to avoid sun exposure by all means. Only when the skin has completely healed, you will see the first few positive signs and impact of Fraxel, so patience is important.

With Fraxel, you have to be careful as how you take care of your skin both before and after the treatment. Fraxel may or may not work for your skin condition, so find the right clinic is necessary, and you can only understand the related aspects during the first consultation. Check online now and find more on moisturizers and more.