Monday 23 September 2019
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Problems That Can Be Solved By A Podiatrist

Problems That Can Be Solved By A Podiatrist

Because the human body is quite complex, one doctor cannot be the experts on all of its parts. Just like you would visit a cardiologist when you have heart issues, a podiatrist is there for everything related to your feet including pain, physiological issues, and other unpleasant complications.

Athletes Foot

One of the most common fungal infections is the athlete’s foot. This infection often occurs while using someone else’s shoes or socks, however, it can also happen while wearing your own shoes while you are exercising for a longer period of time as well.

While this infection is known to pass on its own after just a couple of days, sometimes it decides to stick around a bit longer. In such cases, it is a good idea to wash your shoes in a washing machine to make sure all of the fungal bacteria are gone. Besides that, using some anti-fungal cream is suggested, but in some cases, even this is not enough to make the infection go away.

In such cases, professionals such as podiatry Sydney CBD like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry are going to take a swap of the bacteria which is attacking the area between your toes, and after a quick analysis, you will be prescribed with antibiotics. By using the prescribed antibiotics, the athlete’s foot should be gone in no time, and you will no longer have to deal with the itchy and scaly skin.


One of the worst feelings someone can have is a painful bunion as if having a regular bunion that prevents you from wearing certain shoes was not bad enough. Painful bunions are quite a serious matter, and they occur when the join or a bone of the big toe is not in the right place. If the pain is ignored, it will only worsen over time.

The most common ways a podiatrist can help you is to give you certain treatments such as padding and taping, or simply giving you medication which you can apply to your bunions. In some extreme cases, bunions can develop so much that you will require surgery, and podiatrists are the ones who can do them.

Podiatrists are the best doctors for runners

Corns and calluses

Some of the most common reasons why people visit the podiatrist are these two problems. Both corns and calluses develop because the skin builds up in the same spot over some time, and once it gets too thick, it can become inconvenient or even painful.

Podiatrists usually give cortisone injections to reduce the pain, however, it is always best to let them remove it with a surgical blade. Even if the procedure sounds quite scary as it is done without anesthesia, it is painless because the skin which is getting removed is dead.

Common problems can easily be solved by a podiatrist

An assumption of having a sprain, strain or a broken bone

If you happen to be experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort in your foot, you may be suffering from a serious injury, which is why you should definitely visit a podiatrist. Even with little information, you can always receive help by getting Sydney podiatry from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or your local podiatrist.

Professional podiatrists are fully equipped to tell you what is wrong with your foot, and it’s the best way to save precious time from pointless checkups at a regular clinic. Sometimes you will have to make an appointment, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Final Word

Giving a podiatrist a visit is highly suggested at least once a year, even if you are not feeling any pain. Quite often things tend to build up, and it is always better to take care of those things before they can become a problem.