Monday 23 September 2019
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Lymphatic Massage: Know these Things First Before you Consider the Treatment

Lymphatic Massage: Know these Things First Before you Consider the Treatment

Lymphatic massage is a procedure meant to stimulate lymph flow. Lymph is a fluid which transports oxygen, white blood cells, and nutrients to body tissues. This technique is performed in a specific direction and rhythm and benefits healthy people and those who have medical needs.

Because the body’s lymph system is a vital part of the immune system, lymphatic massage is believed to help in treating various health concerns. A lot of people are also using lymphatic massages for detoxification and inflammation reduction.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

The lymph is vital to keep the immune system working properly. Because of this, improving lymph flow and drainage around the body provides lots of health benefits such as:

  • Decreasing the chances of developing minor colds and other viral infections. Lymphatic massage helps the body in fighting infection and accelerating the healing and recovery from illness.
  • Helping minimize water retention. The lymph system does not have a pump and sitting for a long time without moving, can make it difficult for the lymph to flow. This can lead to the swelling of the fingers or feet.
  • Helping with weight loss. As the lymphatic system is improved, the metabolic rate also improves, helping with efficient calorie burning.
  • Detoxifying the body. Stimulating the lymphatic system is an effective way to purify the body and build immunity.
  • Improving skin texture. Lymphatic massage can help improve skin texture by minimizing swelling, blotches, and puffiness, speeding up scar tissue healing, keeping skin pores health as well as minimizing cellulite.

What to Expect During the Massage Session

Just like any spa treatment, getting the most out of your lymphatic massage is possible when the person provides himself enough time to relax and enjoy it. It is best to be at the massage clinic early so he can get ready and settle.

The massage is often performed in a heated room since warmth is a significant factor to increase lymphatic flow. The client may be more relaxed when he is not cold. Usually, the therapist will do the massage while the client is on a massage table and draped in towels. The therapist works their way up from the client’s feet. The massage involves the use of very light pressure as well as gentle, long, rhythmic strokes and pumping movements towards the lymph nodes. Major lymph nodes are located in the groin, armpits, and neck.

A manual lymph drainage massage can be done at home; however, those who are looking to get the true benefits of this technique must trust a qualified and experienced massage therapist to do this for them. The professional has the knowledge and experience to offer the massage properly to ensure the correct removal of body toxins. It is also likely for the therapist to make use of aromatherapy oils when during the massage.

Those who have heart issues or are currently undergoing chemotherapy should consult with their doctor first before getting a lymphatic massage. While some people with medical issues consider getting this massage, it is important to make sure the technique doesn’t interfere with a client’s current treatments.