Sunday 25 August 2019
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Lip Fillers Can Do More Than Just Add Volume

Lip Fillers Can Do More Than Just Add Volume

When Kylie Jenner first became the cover girl for lip fillers, it was all about adding volume. But what many people don’t realise is that lip fillers can be used for more than just plumping up your lips.

The lips are a prominent facial feature and slight differences in the borders or the symmetry of the lips are noticeable and do make a difference to your appearance.

Fortunately, lip fillers can be used to safely alter the lips, leaving you with a fuller, more symmetrical mouth.

4 Ways Lip Fillers Can Change Your Lips

If you’re considering lip fillers, here are a few of the ways that they can be used to alter the appearance of your lips and mouth after only one appointment (

Create Symmetry and Balance

If you want to balance out your lips to create a more symmetrical look, dermal fillers can be used to do just that. Many people have lips that vary in volume, both side to side and top to bottom, but lip fillers can be used to improve these imbalances.

Roll the Lip Out

If your lip rolls slightly inward or your teeth are showing more than you would like them to, lip fillers can be used to roll the lip out or turn it up to create a fuller, more even appearance.

Add More Volume

Whether you just want to plump up your lips slightly or add enough volume for your lips to really stand out, lip fillers can be used to achieve both. Everyone has different volume preferences so you will need to discuss your aesthetic goals with your clinician who will be able to advise you accordingly. There are several different filler products that can be used to add volume to your lips – your clinician will take you through all of your options.

Create a Defined and Even Border

Some people were born with lip borders that are less defined, while others experience this change as they get older. Using small quantities of lip filler, your clinician is able to recreate the borders of your lips, which will also enhance the shape of your lips. In fact, many people use lip fillers to create a more prominent ‘cupid’s bow’.

A Look at the Procedure

Lip filler appointments are very quick and can be scheduled over your lunch break. While the injections are only mildly uncomfortable, your clinician can numb the area before treatment begins to make it as comfortable as possible.

Even though the procedure is relatively straightforward in most cases, this doesn’t mean that just anyone should be administering these injections.

Your clinician or doctor should be CPCA-certified as this means they have received the necessary training and understand how to administer lip fillers safely and effectively.

Taking the time to do a little research on the clinic you have in mind is the right way to approach any cosmetic treatment. Before you go ahead and schedule a consultation, look at your doctor’s credentials, browse through any before and after photos that are available and have a read through patient reviews.