Monday 23 September 2019
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment: A List of Myths and Facts

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: A List of Myths and Facts

Laser hair removal has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. After all, it is till date the most dependable hair removal method. However, just like any other treatment options, laser hair removal is also surrounded by many myths. There are many misconceptions and delusions concerning the treatment which often confuse individuals willing to have the treatment done.

So, if you are planning to have laser hair removal done, here’s a list of some myths as well as facts concerning the treatment. Go through this list and you will surely be clearer about what to expect from the treatment and what not. For more details, you can always visit reputed laser hair removal clinics like

Myths and facts of laser hair removal treatment

  1. Myth: All it will take is one session to remove all hair with laser treatment.

Fact: Laser hair removal is certainly a very fast and quick process, but it doesn’t mean it only takes one session to complete the entire treatment. In fact, a number of sessions which are spread over 2-3 months is essential to have optimal results.

  1. Myth: It is a permanent solution for unwanted hair.

Fact: Laser hair removal is definitely a promising treatment, but it is not permanent. The hair roots which are treated during the process are completely damaged and thus hair growth is stopped. However, over the period of time new hair follicles can appear and hair can again grow. In general, the effects of laser hair removal can be experienced from 2 to 10 years.

  1. Myth: It damages and scars the skin very badly

Fact: The treatment only targets hair follicles and doesn’t damage skin at all. You might experience some swelling and redness on the area of treatment, but it is temporary and these side effects will fade in a few days. The treatment doesn’t even cause any type scars.

  1. Myth: It damages internal organs

Fact: The treatment only goes as deep as 1 to 4 mm in the skin. In simple words, it doesn’t even reach our internal organs and thus damaging them is not possible.

  1. Myth: It causes ingrown hair

Fact: The treatment works by damaging hair follicles and in no way causes ingrown hair. As a matter of fact, the treatment reduces ingrown hair.

  1. Myth: It increases hair growth

Fact: It is observed that when new hair follicles are formed after the treatment, the amount of hair is comparatively less than what it was before the treatment.

  1. Myth: It is expensive

Fact: The results of laser hair removal will last from 2 to 10 years. When you consider this period of time, and the expense of hair removal products which you might use in these years, laser hair removal will definitely seem inexpensive and competitive.