Monday 23 September 2019
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Informative Pointers to Understand Dental Lingo

Informative Pointers to Understand Dental Lingo

Medical terminology has its own language which is quite difficult to be understood by common man. The same applies for dental lingo. Thus, often the patient sitting for consultation in a dental clinic is confused when the dentist utters some complex words. They need a guide to understand the language of the dentist to know in detail about their dental issues.

Here are few simple words and its meaning usually used in dentist office:

  • Quadrants: It isn’t an arithmetic term as you may think when you hear it, it is actually a term used for the parts of your mouth. In dental term, the interior of the mouth is divided into four equal parts, each a quadrant. In the upper mouth part right is termed to be first quadrant and the left top part is stated to be second quadrant and the lower parts are the third and fourth quadrant.

  • Numbering your gums: Gums ailments are the most common dental issues. A short term terminology is used to note the health of your gums. One measurement is used to judge the gap between the pocket of your gum and its nearby tooth. Then each tooth is numbered in accordance to the gum gap. Usually, the distance is measured in millimeters. Large gap means the gum and tooth is infected by plaque and even tartar is present densely and hence needs cleaning.
  • Numbering of teeth. To make it easier to identify a particular tooth, dentists have listed chart of numbered teeth. There isn’t any universal chart to follow, thus dentists in different countries follow their standard chart.
  • Dentures: It is the removable replacement of missing teeth. It can be complete dentures for replacing the whole set of teeth or partial dentures to replace few missing teeth.
  • Implants: They are the permanent replacement for broken or missing teeth. They are surgically customized placed tooth replacing procedure.
  • Dental Braces: It is used to rearrange the position of teeth in a proper way. It can be made of metal and archwire. Bands are attached to push the back of the teeth and to provide support to the braces.
  • Invisalign: It is an invisible form of braces customized of plastic material. They are removable dental braces to treat less complicated unarranged teeth position.

  • Veneers: They are the water thin shells attached to the front of the teeth to improve its color, shape, size or length. They are great stain resistant and aid in strengthening your natural teeth.
  • Teeth whitening: It is a temporary process to lighten the color of stained natural tooth by using a bleaching agent. Usually whitening gel or tooth paste is used to brighten the appearance of the teeth. In case of complicated stains cosmetic dental surgery process is preferred.
  • Laser dentistry: Laser technique is used to shape the gum, remove tissue or for other dental surgical process.

To know more about dental lingo and in detail about the teeth, you can visit popular websites of Orthodontists and dentists where explanation of dental terms and tooth diagram is explained in a simple way.