Monday 23 September 2019
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How Bone Grafting Process Works And Its Advantages?

How Bone Grafting Process Works And Its Advantages?

Teeth keeps the jawbones healthy and strong. Due to a missing teeth, the bone in that area gets diseased or become weak or atrophied in due course.

If you desire to install dental implants then it will be impossible as jawbones are weak. A bone grafting will be needed to rebuild the strength of the jaw.

Reasons jawbone does not support dental implant

  • Congenital birth conditions
  • Bone loss due to tooth loss
  • Jawbone injury in the past
  • Not enough bone thickness and density
  • Advanced gum disease

It does not mean dental implants can’t be placed. Instead an extra step needs to be taken for successful dental implant placement. Bone augmentation or bone grafting is this extra step.

Bone grafting process

It is a surgical process, which helps to fill void spaces without bones. Structural stability is gained, so as to install dental implants later. You can visit to know the financial options for this expensive surgery.

The bone used is extracted from your body or a donor or is synthetic. The bone will prevent further collapse of the jaws surrounding soft tissue. Body gets tricked into thinking that the grafted bone is biological its own. Therefore it reconstructs the grafted bone with patient’s natural bone.

The surgeon decides the kind of bone graft method to be used – Allograft and Autograft, before the surgery. Incision is placed on the specific area and graft is positioned using wire, cables, pins, screws, and plates. The surgeon then stitches and closes the incision.

Bone graft advantages

  • Preserves shape and strength of the jawbones
  • Enhances the likelihood of bridge, denture, implant placement in future
  • Avoids the jaw structure to get fragile, short or narrow
  • Avoids shrinkage of mouth’s width and height overtime

Bone graft aftercare

Recovery time will depend on the bone graft size and patient’s capability to heal. However, average time rages from two weeks to three months. Bone graft healing takes more than three months to heal.

After the process, avoid extreme exercise for six months and strictly follow soft food diet. Dentist will offer instructions on how to brush and floss, during the recovery process. It is crucial, so as to avoid the risk of infection.

Bone graft sounds intimidating but is a great option for restoring the bone strength and structure integrity, which can compromise your cosmetic appearance. It is also a good alternative to enhance health of gums, teeth and jawbones.