Monday 23 September 2019
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Hints to Help You Know the Dissimilarities Between Pink Eyes and Allergies

Hints to Help You Know the Dissimilarities Between Pink Eyes and Allergies

Pink eyes as the name suggests is a common disorder of eyes which can occur due to multiple reasons. Allergies and pink eyes are both conjunctive diseases. Allergy of eyes have the same symptoms like that of pink eyes but there is a slight difference between the two ailments that spoil the vision of eyes.

What kind of difference is there between both the eye ailments?

  • Pink eyes are mainly caused due to infection of bacteria or virus. The adenovirus is responsible for causing pink eyes. The allergy of eyes occurs due to interferences of allergic substances or due to occurrence of ailments like sinusitis.

  • Pink eyes ailment spreads easily as it is contagious infection. Whereas eyes reddening due to allergy doesn’t affect the other person’s eyes.
  • Pink eyes are seasonal disorders of eyes where as allergy can anytime trouble the parts of eyes.
  • The main symptom of the pink eyes is reddening of the eyes. Swelling is seen in the eyelids and watery discharge is in the form of yellow or white mucus. Symptoms of allergic influence are red irritated itchy eyes, water discharging constantly and even itchiness is felt in nasal, throat and ears. If left untreated it can cause headaches, dizziness and wheezing.
  • Generally pink eyes don’t require prescribed medications, however if the symptoms persist for a week, you need to consult good optometrist. The best treatment for allergic symptoms is to avoid pollutants like dust, smoke, dirt or pollen grains of flowers. Usually a general physician or an optometrist prescribes medicines to cure allergy symptoms.

Symptoms play a big role in telling if the person is affected by pink eye or allergies affecting the eyes. The symptoms of pink eyes are usually present in the center of the eyes. While the allergy symptoms can be seen and felt near the nasal area, throat and the ears.

To know the kind of ailment affecting you, it is best to consult your general physician. The doctor will conduct physical exam, have some tests done to know in detail about the kind or eye disorder to prescribe appropriate medicine. They can even find out the cause of ailments, thus help in preventing the disorders that affect your eyes again.

Before you decide on the kind of eye ailment affecting your eye sight make sure to visit nearby skilled medical practitioner or eye specialist to have the treatment done correctly.