Here are Some Diet Tips to Reduce Insulin Resistance

Here are Some Diet Tips to Reduce Insulin Resistance

Glucose is important for the functioning of your body. But many of our cells are unable to suck up the glucose on their own. The pancreas then secretes insulin into our bloodstream. It mixes up with glucose and flows to the cells where it joins the insulin receptors. Insulin lets the cell suck up the glucose ensuring that the blood sugar is maintained at a safe level and muscles, fat, liver, and other cells are able to receive the energy. When a person suffers from insulin resistance, it makes the person’s cells sensitive to insulin. In other words, the body has to secrete more insulin to keep the blood sugar level maintained. When the pancreas fails to secrete a required amount of insulin, the sugar levels rise. When this occurs, cells are unable to absorb all the excess glucose in the blood. This leads to type 2 diabetes.

Diet Tips

  1. Glycemic index

The easiest way to reduce the insulin resistance is by consuming food with low GI or glycemic index. These foods tend to be digested slowly. The distinction between low GI foods and other foods is the carbohydrates. The former has low GI levels. And the foods with high GI levels can rise the sugar levels in the blood pressurizing the pancreas to produce insulin.

  1. Foods to eat whenever possible

To access insulin resistance diet recipes, visit this site. And here are some foods you should consume:

  • non-starchy veggies like broccoli and peppers
  • foods high in fiber like beans and whole grains
  • foods rich in protein like lean meats, fish and nuts
  • foods superloaded with omega 3 fatty acids like salmon
  • antioxidant foods like berries
  • sweet potatoes
  • water
  • unsweetened teas

  1. Foods to avoid at all costs
  • Sweet beverages like soda, fruit juice, fountain drinks
  • Alcohol like beer and grain alcohol
  • Grains, no matter refined or whole
  • Foods rich in starch like pumpkin, potatoes, corn, and yams
  • Processed foods
  • Boxed foods
  • Foods rich in sugar like ice cream, chocolates, cupcakes, white bread, flour, pasta etc.
  • Dairy from cows especially milk
  • Fried foods
  • Foods rich in saturated foods like butter, chocolate and salt pork

Causes of Insulin Resistance

Researchers claim that there are many reasons which cause insulin resistance like poor diet, being overweight, not enough exercise, and other lifestyle factors like smoking, sleep deprivation, older age, and steroid usage.