Monday 23 September 2019
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Five Instances that May Warrant a Spine Surgery

Five Instances that May Warrant a Spine Surgery

There are many reasons you can have a spinal condition. Your spine is linked to a lot of your muscle groups. That is why a spine problem can affect a lot of your body parts. Even if you only have a minor spine problem, your quality of life can be affected. But, if you have a serious spine problem, a surgery may be necessary.

As with any surgery, a spine surgery has a risk of complications. You must only choose to get surgery when it has more benefits than drawbacks for you. It might be the best option if you have serious spinal damage. But, you should consult with your doctor if you need this surgery. Your doctor’s decision will be based on whether you have any of the following signs:

Your Mobility is Compromised

With age, your body can have a limited mobility. But, when your spinal problem keeps you from functioning normally, this could mean a serious issue. If your mobility is limited or compromised because of your spine issue, your doctor may recommend a surgery. Conservative back pain management measures may not be enough for your condition.

You have Serious Injury

Often, you can think about your treatment options and make the right decision. As much as possible, doctors will try to avoid a surgery; however, sometimes, the patient’s situation will call for it. If you have incurred a serious injury that involves your spine, there might be no other option but to get a surgery right away.

Your Spinal Issue Persists Despite Treatment

Before recommending a spine surgery, doctors will try to exhaust all nonsurgical treatment options first. If you have tried other treatments and could not get a satisfying result, you may need surgery.

You Have a Worsening Condition

Progressive spinal conditions such as osteoporosis can get worse over time. You should not take your progressive condition lightly. You must visit a specialist regularly to get your condition monitored. Talk to your doctor about future treatment options that include surgery.

You Experience Nerve Damage Symptoms

In some cases, spinal issues can cause a nerve damage that could result in a permanent disability. Signs of nerve damage include numbness and tingling in the legs. Serious symptoms such as bowel or bladder incontinence must be addressed right away. In case you have any of these symptoms, do not try to self-diagnose your problem. Visit your doctor immediately and discuss possible treatment options which may include a spine surgery.