Considering Liposuction? Read this First

Considering Liposuction? Read this First

Fat deposits are something you cannot be happy about, especially if they don’t seem to go away with exercise and diet. Fortunately, you can get rid of them through liposuction. Although this cosmetic procedure doesn’t work like a magic wand to eliminate your fat in just seconds, it can provide you with a solution for that unwanted flab. If you are thinking about liposuction to get rid of stomach fats, below are some important things you should know:

How Liposuction in the Stomach Works

With age, fat can be distributed in many parts of your body, especially around the middle. While women who gave birth can have stubborn belly fat, men can have this too. However, in terms of liposuction, body fats are not made equal. Diet- and exercise-resistant fats are often subcutaneous fat. This fat lies beneath the skin and on the abdominal muscle wall. Liposuction can help eliminate these fats and improve your shape.

However, it is important to note that liposuction is not a weight loss solution. It works perfectly on fat deposits concentrated on certain areas, especially around the thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Also, doctors at Galumbeck Plastic Surgery emphasize that liposuction does not fix a bulging stomach caused by the abdominal wall’s weakness. It doesn’t tighten loose skin too. Sometimes, it works in combination with abdominoplasty to tone and flatten the abdominal area.

How It Is Performed

In terms of fat removal in the stomach, thighs, and buttocks, the procedure called tumescent liposuction is often used. The surgeon creates a cut in the area where fats are stored and insert a cannula beneath the flesh. They move it back and forth rapidly to loosen the fat. This procedure takes up to an hour to complete and patients can recover up to two weeks.

Choosing your Doctor

Licensed professionals like physicians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons can perform liposuction in their clinics with local anesthesia. When you choose a doctor, think about their specific training for liposuction and their experience.  You want to a doctor who has performed the procedure in many patients successfully.

Moreover, the doctor must be able to provide practical suggestions that you can understand easily. Often, they will include the warning that procedure is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and that you have to maintain your ideal weight, consume a balanced diet and stay physically active to ensure long-term results. The doctor must also tell you the particular lifestyle changes which may affect your overall liposuction contouring results that include weight changes and andropause for men.  If you are looking for a liposuction surgeon, contact Dr. Matthew Galumbeck. He will walk you through the process to learn what to expect from the procedure and the recovery time frames.

Liposuction can help in getting rid of your unsightly flab. However, always keep in mind that is not a quick fix solution to your weight problem. In fact, the procedure is the perfect option for people who have maintained their ideal weight and just want to get rid of some fat deposits that are too stubborn to be removed on your own.