Monday 26 August 2019
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Cannabis Edibles: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Cannabis Edibles: Here’s What You Need To Know!

The medical benefits of cannabis are well known. Majority of states have legalized medical marijuana in the US, while more than 9 states have made recreational marijuana legal, of course with a few dos and don’ts.  We all associate marijuana with the pot, and although smoking weed is great for getting the medical benefits, edibles are equally popular. In case you are wondering what are edibles and want to find more, we have a guide below that will talk of the basics.

What exactly is edible marijuana?

Edibles are basically food items that have been baked or infused with cannabis. So, you will find a whole range of products, starting from basic chocolate bars and candies to cakes and crackers. Edible marijuana-included products work like an alternative to smoking the plant and are a great choice for those who don’t smoke and need to still harness the medical benefits of cannabis. It is also known that many edibles contain a higher concentration of THC. For the uninitiated, the cannabis plant contains over a thousand chemical compounds, of which THC and CBD are two that have been found to have the maximum medical benefits.

From the perspective of medication, edible marijuana is a great choice, and as we mentioned, there are a wide range of snacks and eatables to choose from. Popular options included baked cookies and brownies, while you will also find pancakes and ice creams that contain cannabis. Also, there is also something that’s known as cannabis or marijuana butter.

Are edibles a good choice?

In case you didn’t known, the raw cannabis plant doesn’t have as much of an effect as people think. The cannabinoid receptors in our body only react when one carbon molecule is done away with. This is the precise reason why marijuana or cannabis is exposed to a source that allows the process called “carbon conversion”, such as heat or even fat. It is also important to know that cannabis soluble in fat, and therefore, it can be mixed with a variety of fats and cooking mediums and oils to make diverse treats. Cannabis products that are available in the market are usually baked stuff, although this is absolutely possible to add finely ground cannabis to various beverages.

Getting the benefits of medical cannabis through edibles

Cannabis can be absorbed in the body either through “gastrointestinal uptake” or “oral uptake”. The former basically means that the benefits of the plant cannot be experienced, unless of course, the edible is absorbed in the stomach. This can take a considerably longer period of time, but again, the effects can last a lot longer. You will also find edibles that are meant for oral uptake. Basically, these are usually tinctures, and you just need to add a few drops of the cannabis oil or liquid under your tongue. The effects can be experienced almost immediately, but compared to products that are meant for gastrointestinal uptake, the benefits don’t last as long.

There is also something called the ‘hybrid uptake’, which basically combines the two ways of cannabis ingestion that we just mentioned. When it comes to deciding what works best for you, it is necessary to evaluate the benefits you seek. If you want immediate benefits of cannabis, oral uptake or hybrid uptake is always better.

About buying and dosing on cannabis edibles

We are talking of medical use of cannabis, and therefore, it is more than important that you stick to the dosage recommended. One of the many reasons why edibles are not as popular as regular smoking cannabis is because of the dosage. Many people believe that they may take more cannabis than recommended by their doctors.

There are two things to know about buying edibles –

  1. Firstly, always get your edibles from a known dispensary, because the edibles sold at these places are dosed professionally, so there is no way that you will consume more than what’s ideally suggested for your condition.
  2. Secondly, talk to your primary healthcare provider to know what’s the dosage to be followed, especially with regards to edibles. There is nothing called the ideal dosage for every person. Why cannabis is recommended and how it should be used to smoke and eat depends largely on the patient. You may have to buy an entire bar of chocolate, but that doesn’t mean that you can have one full bar each time.

In the medical world, a dosage contains 10 grams of cannabis, and those who are just starting out with marijuana in edible form, the best idea is to stick to half of dosage, which is about 5 grams or less. Do NOT consume edibles first thing in the morning or when you are hungry, because the effects can strengthen.

When to consider edibles?

If you are someone who doesn’t smoke in real life or don’t appreciate the habit, you can take medical cannabis in form of edibles. Keep in mind that marijuana works differently for every person, and how effectively it may work for you depends on your tolerance and current health. As far as the high caused by edibles is concerned, it is more of a relaxing feel than what you would feel if cannabis is smoked. Again, it depends if one is used to smoking cannabis. If you want to feel high almost instantaneously, smoking is better, but edibles offer a more genuine high, which might not be immediate.

How long do the effects last?

Compared to smoking, the effects of edibles last a lot longer. When you smoke cannabis, it hits you instantly, and the effects can last for as long as two hours, and while that may seem a lot, it might be necessary to smoke again if you are seeking medical benefits. On the other hand, edibles offer a more relaxed high, which you can only feel after the first 30 minutes. Since we are focused on medical marijuana, the effects are much more desirable, lasting for as long as 10 hours of so. Edibles are often seen as a great way to keep away from smoking, which has been associated with varied health conditions. Also, if you have been prescribed medical marijuana, you can still have it in form of edibles for areas where smoking is not allowed.

What else to know?

The sale of edibles is not regulated, so products that are available for medical and recreational marijuana use usually have varied strengths. As such, two brownies of the same size may product very unique effects. Some products, such as chocolates, often contain larger amounts of cannabis and should be consumed with care. The simplest way to control your intake of medical marijuana is to ensure that you don’t have a lot at once. Make sure that you have eaten something before consuming edibles, and go for a good dispensary, such as Mission Organic, where you can find genuine products with apt labeling. The budtender should be able to guide on the dosage, based on your medical marijuana prescription. Also, as mentioned earlier, always start with a lower dose and wait for at least a couple of hours for the effects to kick in.

Consuming edibles with care

If you feel that you have consumed more of edibles than required, wait for at least a few hours, before you consider taking more for medical reasons. Some edibles are really tasty, and it is rather easy to go overboard, but if you keep a tab on the portions, there is nothing be worried out. A bit of over dosing here and there shouldn’t be much of a concern, but don’t make that a habit. One of the common signs of overdosing is paranoia/hallucinations, and if you don’t take more for the next few hours, it should be fine. Also, do keep your edibles away from children and from places where these products can be easily accessed.

Final word

The amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is considered to be higher in edibles, and it is a great way to harness the benefits of marijuana without smoking. However, make sure that you consider the consumption of edibles carefully. Responsible use of medical marijuana is extremely recommended. Like we have hinted earlier, we recommend that you always get edibles from a known store. Make sure that you talk to the budtenders to know more on the ones that taste better and have been marked for dosage. Go slow with edibles, and you will have no issues with having a little more when you want.

Medical marijuana is recommended for a number of conditions, and if you want to get access to edibles, just make sure that you talk to your doctor and get a prescription. Don’t buy cannabis edibles from unknown sellers. The labeling should always mention how much of cannabis the product contains, and this should help in deciding the right quantity of snacks you should consume at a time. Cakes, brownies and pancakes are good options, as far as taste and flavors are concerned. Check online now to know more.