Sunday 25 August 2019
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Can vaping set off smoke alarms and make them ringing?

Can vaping set off smoke alarms and make them ringing?

One of the most common questions asked by new vapers is that whether or not vaping can set off smoke or fire alarms. If you’ve visited a house of someone where you wish to vape, you need to know whether or not vaping can set off the alarms and cause a chaos among the family. Who would want their smoke alarm to be beeping all the time both at day and at night? Even if the people work or live with a vaper, they would never want the smoke alarm to be ringing loud.

The ultimate answer to this question is that it depends. When you vape e-cigarettes, you release vapour and not smoke and hence technically your smoke alarm should never set off smoke alarm with the vapour that comes out. But just as everything else in the world, it is never as easy as that.

Can vaping set off smoke alarms?

There are some who might be of the opinion that vapour will never set the smoke alarms ringing and there are also fire experts who will also tell you the same. One way in which you can try this out is by blowing vape directly into a fire alarm in your house to check if the alarm is ringing. There are different types of smoke detectors and while some may set off with vapour, some others might now. Here are the few kinds.

  • Heat alarms: These are not much common and they will most likely pose no problem for the vapers. You will find people installing heat alarms in kitchen where they are set off with the level of heat in a room. However, if you vape around heat alarms, they’ll never start ringing. But be cautious before you vape in the kitchen.
  • Ionization alarm: This type of alarm consists of a very small amount of radioactive metal which is there in between 2 plates that are electrically charged. This also ionizes the air within the device and creates a current. In case smoke passes through this current, this can trigger the alarm.
  • Photoelectric alarm: One of the most common kinds of alarm is photoelectric alarm. These can be set off by e-cigarettes. In case there is too much of vapour or smoke near the unit, the beam gets broken and the alarm will go off.

Therefore, now that you know the types of smoke alarms which are susceptible to breaking off due to e-cigarettes, you should avoid vaping in front of these alarms for safety reasons.