Bioidentical Hormones – Savior of Women in their Menopause

Bioidentical Hormones – Savior of Women in their Menopause

Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where the menstruation cycle ends and she cannot reproduce any further. Most of the women will experience a pre-menstrual phase in their forties before the cycle ends completely. Symptoms during this time may be less or abnormal bleeding during the periods, mood swings etc. when a woman is going through this phase of life bioidentical hormone therapy helps to restore the imbalance.

Why bioidentical for menopause

Recent studies have stated that bioidentical hormones are the best to cure lower level of hormones in a pre or post menopause phase in a women. These hormones are biochemically extracted from plant resources and are combined in a lab to get the desired chemical composition.

 As these are naturally derived they are completely safe and can be taken along with other medications. Bioidentical hormones do not interfere in the mechanism of other medicines. Unlike synthetic hormones these do not overproduce hormones and so do not create any side effects.

This natural hormone therapy fills the gap in the cellular structure of the hormones present in the body. Moreover, if your body needs to produce a certain hormone, which has completely declined it can be done with the help of other biochemical inactive compounds. Hormone therapy is customized as per individual needs and it differs from one person to another.

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most opted treatment for women around their forties and fifties. With ageing hormones level goes down and the body undergoes certain physical changes that disrupt the physical and mental well-being. During this treatment a cocktail of hormones is injected into a woman’s body.

The cocktail is usually made up of estrogen, progesterone and other biochemical compounds in their inactive form. These are injected to improve the levels of the hormones in a woman’s body. Also to get the treatment more effective at times, your physician may put you on a medicine cycle, depending on your body requirements.

Why bioidentical for aging caused by menopause

Aging does not only affect the skin. It is related to your bones, muscles and other body organs. It is a known fact that hormones plays a very important role in maintaining the fountain of youth.

As women experience menopause, the immune system gets vulnerable, bones become weaker, weight gain occurs due to insulin resistance and skin starts to sag. Along with other hormones, human growth hormones also decrease drastically which leads to a hormone slump. In this scenario, hormone replacement therapy can be a boon as it can solve all the above mentioned problems.